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Peak Medical Resources fetal monitors ensure infants and mothers have a healthy heart rate pre, during, and post-birth. While both the GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor and is designed for antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum care, The GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor is a compact and ergonomic, providing excellent individualized care for patients. 

We supply this monitor to healthcare professionals, hospitals, and caregivers with options to buy or rent. All our fetal monitors arrive patient-ready. 

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  • GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor

The GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor system is a full antepartum and intrapartum monitor that delivers high-quality birthing care. It monitors uterine and fetal activity, including heart rate, and has enhanced maternal monitoring for temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG, and non-invasive blood pressure to provide comprehensive care.

Its flexibility and convenience offer instant access to detailed information needed during labor and delivery. Equipped with a color LCD display, the GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor provides simultaneous data of fetal and maternal parameters for on-screen viewing and direct printing. With the GE Coromterics 259 CX, it’s easy to address every monitoring need for mothers and babies within a single system.

This unit provides fetal heart rate (FHR) alarms that are audible and visual if the FHR is outside user-defined high and low ranges. There are also optional and unique Spectra Alerts that analyze FHR and uterine activity information to alert clinicians to deviations. When powering up, the unit automatically performs a number of tests to verify the integrity of the system memory, processor, and voltage levels before entering normal operation mode. 

With one-touch hot keys, the GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor is designed to reduce monitor interactions, so healthcare practitioners can spend more time with patients. Its optimal lighting, with chart light and backlit keys, as well as a dimmable display, provides adjustable settings for increased calm and comfort. 

Its integrated GE Ohmeda and Massimo SET maternal pulse oximetry (MSP02) allows for the monitoring, viewing, and documentation of up to 8 hours of maternal waveforms. With patented DINAMAP Super Stat non-invasive blood pressure technology, these determinations can be sped up by as much as 66% after the first reading to enhance patient comfort while still retaining reliability. 

Centricity Perinatal (CPN) compatibility streamlines the capture and archiving of patient data, which helps speed workflow, while the monitor’s telemetry interface offers continuous monitoring without changing transducers during ambulation or laboring in water. If monitoring twins, the GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor’s volume control helps with transducer placement so that both heart rates can be heard simultaneously. 

Why Rent Fetal Monitors?

Fetal monitors are an incredibly useful and vital part of any maternity or childcare unit within a hospital, but some hospitals simply don’t have the volume to justify outright purchasing additional monitors for a specific unit.

By providing rental options, we aim to help hospitals and healthcare providers fill in their technological needs on a case by case basis. Additionally, we can ensure that you have access to clean, well-maintained, and affordable options for rental fetal monitors or any other medical equipment you might need.

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

We’ve supported hospitals in several major locations across the United States for over 20 years. Park Medical Resources simplifies the rental process, offering fast delivery and handling end-to-end logistics, so healthcare providers can assist their patients when needed.

For information on placing an order for the SmartMonitor 2 Apnea Monitor or GE Corometrics 259 CX Fetal Monitor, or information concerning any of our other services, you can call us on our toll-free 24/7 number at (833) 769-0959. For an instant quote, fill out our order inquiry form here.