Infant care Incubator

Peak Medical Resources supplies infant care incubators to help NICU caregivers foster nurturing, life-sustaining environments that promote natural growth and healthy neurodevelopmental processes at the delicate neonatal life-stage. 

The trusted GE Giraffe Warmer and the Hill-Rom Isolette® C2000 provide a comfortable environment for newborns to receive therapies from practitioners with minimal disturbance. They offer access, complete control and a new level of sophisticated neonatal care, helping babies reach optimum health. 

We provide hospitals and healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art neonatal medical equipment, designed for optimum comfort and efficient care, to buy or rent. All our neonatal medical equipment arrives patient-ready.

Browse our Infant Care Incubators:

  • GE Giraffe Warmer

With controlled thermal support and complete access and visibility, The GE Giraffe Warmer is designed to meet the needs of NICU/PICU patients and clinicians. This warmer provides family-centered care solutions, consistently controlled thermal environments and improved accessibility. 

Its unique Baby Susan™ offers easy access to infants without having to remove them from the mattress. Its intelligent recessed heater design enables advanced bed warming, while its updated hourglass heat profile optimizes heat coverage to keep the rotating mattress and baby warm with minimal heat loss.  

The Giraffe Warmer has two control modes, Manual Mode and Baby Mode for increased microenvironment control. In Manual Mode, the device controls radiant heater output from a heater power percentage setting chosen by the caregiver. In Baby Mode, radiant heater output is based on temperature readings from a probe attached to the newborn’s skin and a set temperature entered into the control panel.

From built-in dimmable observation lights to integrated resuscitation options, the GE Giraffe Warmer’s advanced technology provides high-quality care. Its Hands-Free Alarm silence allows alarm control without touching a surface during a procedure. The purposeful eliminations of alarms ensure the area is peaceful and quiet for babies, families and staff. 

The GE Giraffe Warmer’s sophisticated technology includes T-piece or bag and mask resuscitation, integrated blender, SpO2 monitoring and an in-bed scale. The full-scale control panel and integrated resuscitation option helps to standardize the resuscitation practice within the NICU. 

This warmer is fully supported with optional multi-year service coverage, technical support and additional training programs to provide healthcare professionals with greater peace of mind. Along with the GE Giraffe Omnibed, the GE Giraffe Warmer offers a comfortable environment for high-acuity newborns to help them transition to the external environment. 

  • The Hill-Rom Isolette® C2000

This air-shield incubator creates the perfect thermal-neutral environment for neonates through a heated and humidified environment. The Hill-Rom Isolette® C2000’s patented dual air curtains reduce heat loss by warming the inner hood surface. It’s bi-directional airflow feature helps to minimize temperature fluctuations when access doors are opened. 

Its large mattress and dual probes allow for simultaneous care of twins in the same unit. The Hill-Rom Isolette® C2000 provides a nurturing setting, with a sophisticated information management system that records 24-hour data trends including; air temperature, skin temperature, heater power, and oxygen. Its accurate data capturing helps caregivers make the best decisions for their patients’ well-being. 

This incubator is designed to provide a peaceful and nurturing environment for infants. Its internal noise level never exceeds 47dBA for maximum calm. The scale and X-ray tray, conveniently located under the mattress, enables caregivers to monitor an infant’s weight with minimal disturbance.

Servo-controlled Oxygen delivery enables the control of the oxygen concentrations from 21-65%. Calibrations can be performed in room air or in 100% oxygen and done while monitoring the infant without any disturbance to the thermal environment. The front-loading humidity reservoir only requires filling every 24-hours, with customizable settings to minimize evaporation heat loss. 

The built-in humidifier provides humidification from 30% -95% relative humidity in 1% increments. When the system senses an absence of water, an audible and visual Low Humidity alarm occurs. The humidifier’s three-part system consists of a humidity reservoir, manifold and evaporator assembly. 

The compact size of the Hill-Rom Isolette® C2000 provides flexibility to fit into almost any NICU design, leaving space for other equipment, caregivers and parents. Its optional utility shelf keeps materials within easy reach, while its recessed cabinet stand brings parents closer to their newborns. 

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

We’ve supported hospitals in several major locations across the United States for over 20 years. Park Medical Resources simplifies the rental process, offering fast delivery and handling end-to-end logistics, so neonatal healthcare providers can assist their newborn patients when they need to.

For information on the GE Giraffe Warmer or the Hill-Rom Isolette® C2000, placing an order, or information concerning any of our other services, you can call us on our toll-free 24/7 number at (833) 769-0959. For an instant quote, fill out our order inquiry form here.