Infant care Phototherapy

Peak Medical Resources provides phototherapy equipment for NICU and pediatric units, to treat neonates with Hyperbilirubinemia.

Healthcare professionals around the globe use the GE Bilisoft Phototherapy System and Natus neoBLUE® range. We supply healthcare professionals and hospitals with premium phototherapy medical equipment options to buy or rent. All our phototherapy systems arrive patient-ready.

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  • GE Bilisoft Phototherapy System

The GE Bilisoft Phototherapy System long-lasting blue LED light provides between 8,000 to 10, 000 hours of light therapy to treat patients with jaundice. Its lightweight design supports the tiniest of infants with high-quality care, while its compact size offers added flexibility in small care areas.

The phototherapy system’s long, adjustable fiber optic cable provides better coverage than other devices and overhead lamps currently on the market. Positioning aids can be placed underneath the pad, eliminating inefficiencies and providing greater light exposure to the baby’s skin.

The GE Bilisoft Phototherapy System can be used as a radiant warmer or with an incubator, bassinet, and crib, as well as in a caregiver’s arms. Its flat cover lets caregivers swaddle infants and photography pads together. During therapy, babies can be held, fed, and even rocked, promoting Kangaroo care throughout the entire period of phototherapy. 

Its ultra-soft fiber-optic pad covers are disposable, flame-retardant and made with skin-friendly fabric for increased comfort. As leading phototherapy medical equipment, the GE Bilisoft Phototherapy System’s quiet operation helps maintain a peaceful environment, promoting restful sleep and the healthy growth of infants.

  • Natus neoBLUE® Mini LED Phototherapy 

Designed for efficiency and precision, the portable Natus neoBlue LED Phototherapy System emits high-intensity blue LED light for effective treatment of newborn jaundice. Its adjustable arm and a pole mount facility attachment allow for easy use with incubators like the GE Giraffe Omnibed and Hill-Rom Isolette c2000, as well as radiant warmers. 

As a smaller counterpart to Natus’ existing neoBlue LED Phototherapy light, this device offers healthcare professionals a portable and more compact operating system with bulbs that emit blue light in the 450-470 spectrum to break down bilirubin. 

The Natus neoBLUE® Mini LED Phototherapy System lasts for up to 40, 000 hours. It does not emit significant ultraviolet (UV) or infrared radiation (IR) and can be placed close to newborns. At a distance of 12 inches, it emits standard intensity. If placed farther from the baby, the potentiometer may need to be trimmed to maintain high intensity treatment.

The neoBLUE LEDs can be adjusted by biomedical engineers using a potentiometer. Its device timer assists in tracking overall bulb usage for improved maintenance. This phototherapy equipment is also field serviceable to limit the interruption of patient care.


  • Natus neoBLUE® LED Phototherapy

Compact and precise, the Natus neoBLUE® LED Phototherapy system can conveniently move between blue treatment and white exam light. Its two intensity settings are designed to help clinicians switch between different treatment modes with minimal interruption, while the total number of treatment hours per patient can be tracked directly on the system. 

Its precise measurements of light in the blue spectrum ensure the perfect light configuration for each infant, while its red target light enables the accurate centering of blue light directly over newborns. The Natus neoBLUE® LED Phototherapy can emit high-intensity phototherapy for 50, 000 hours, reducing time-consuming bulb replacement. 

The system’s rotating arm joints and gooseneck shape allows for independent use or attachment to a pole, without compromising the needed surface area coverage required for successful for LED therapy. The Natus neoBLUE® LED Phototherapy can be used in a bassinet, above an open bed or incubator, and as infant warmers.  

This state-of-the-art phototherapy system provides the most effective degradation of Bilirubin. It meets the AAP guidelines for intensive phototherapy in the 450-475 nm spectrum that corresponds to the 458 nm peak absorption wavelength at which bilirubin is broken down. As a result, the Natus neoBLUE® LED Phototherapy device is incredibly effective for the management of stable neonatal jaundice.

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

We’ve supported hospitals in several major locations across the United States for over 20 years. Park Medical Resources simplifies the rental process, offering fast delivery and handling end-to-end logistics, so healthcare providers can assist their patients when they need to.

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