Infusion Therapy Pole Mounted

At Peak Medical Resources, we aim to make the process of renting medical equipment, including our pole-mounted infusion pumps, fast and simple. Regardless of the specific equipment or quantities that you’re looking for, our pole-mounted infusion pump rental service gives your hospital or clinic an easy and affordable way to meet changing demand and provide an excellent standard of care. You can rent reliable equipment that we get from our trusted medical industry manufacturers.

Our pole-mounted infusion pumps are an effective and convenient way to monitor the needs of your patients and deliver fluids while also giving them the freedom to move around patient care areas. Whether it’s in adult, pediatric or neonatal wards, the pumps can be used for intubated and non-intubated patients. Our infusion pumps for rent all have easy-to-use technology with an intuitive user interface to program the controlled delivery of medications and fluids.

Why Might You Need to Rent Pole-Mounted Infusion Pumps?

There are all sorts of healthcare settings and patients that can benefit from the use of an infusion pump and IV pole. Whether you simply need more infusion pumps, want to upgrade your existing equipment, or would like to try the latest equipment before you buy it, renting infusion pumps is the cost-effective solution.

Our infusion pumps for hire can be used for a variety of purposes and in multiple medical settings to deliver hormones, antibiotics, pain relievers, and chemotherapy drugs in small and large doses. Our infusion pump rental service also includes more specialized equipment, such as:

  • Insulin pumps - Insulin pumps are typically used to deliver insulin to patients with diabetes and are often used in the patients’ homes.
  • Enteral pumps - This pump delivers liquid medications and nutrients into a patient’s digestive tract.
  • Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump - PCA pumps are equipped with a feature that allows patients to self-administer pain medication when they need it.

The Benefits of Renting Infusion Pumps for IV Poles

There are all sorts of reasons why pole-mounted infusion pump rental might make a lot of sense for your healthcare setting, including:

  • Meeting the changing needs of your patients

Data from the University of Michigan Health System found that 86% of all patients admitted to hospital beds require infusion pumps. But with the equipment evolving quickly and requiring ongoing maintenance, keeping up with the requirements of your patients can be challenging and expensive. That’s why having access to infusion pumps for rent can be a real advantage.

  • Saving money

When renting an infusion pump, you pay in small installments rather than buying the machine outright. That makes it an easier cost to account for and qualifies as a deductible expense for tax purposes. There are also no maintenance costs to worry about.

  • Access to larger quantities and the best equipment

Instead of buying new equipment that quickly becomes outdated, you can rent high-quality, patient-ready infusion pumps from Peak Medical Resources and upgrade to newer versions when they become available.

Why Choose Peak Medical Resources?

At Peak Medical Resources, we have been renting and selling medical equipment since 2009. In that time, we have become a trusted supplier of high-quality, pole-mounted infusion pumps to hospitals and healthcare providers across the US. We know that when you’re renting medical equipment, you often need it in a hurry. That’s why we pride ourselves on our rapid delivery and handle every aspect of the shipping process to get the equipment to your door.

We offer a flexible range of infusion pump rental contracts, extended rentals, and rent-to-own deals. You can also buy many of our used pole-mounted infusion pumps outright.

Find out more about our manufacturers, get in touch for information about a specific pump, or request a quote from our team.