Durable Medical Equipment For Hospitals

At Peak Medical Resources, we have a high-quality and varied range of DME supplies in the USA to meet all of your medical facility’s needs.

As a specialist provider of durable medical equipment, you can avoid the high upfront cost of buying equipment and choosing what to rent on an as-needed basis. We also sell DME to hospitals and healthcare providers with flexible rent-to-own deals.

The Durable Medical Equipment List For Your Patient Needs

You need a wide range of durable medical equipment to meet patient demand. Peak’s durable medical equipment list is regularly updated to reflect the diverse needs of the community, seasonal fluctuations in demand, and the rapidly changing global health issues.

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What Is Durable Medical Equipment, And Is It Medicare-covered?

Durable medical equipment (DME) is equipment that hospitals and health care providers provide to improve patients’ daily lives once they return home. It includes various items such as oxygen tanks, walkers, and wheelchairs required for every day and extended use.

Medicare-Covered Durable Medical Equipment List

Examples of DME likely to be covered by Medicare include items like the following:

  • Hospital Beds for Home Use
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Portable Oxygen Equipment
  • Power Scooters
  • And Much More

DME supplies in the USA typically covered by Medicare are:

  • Considered Medically Necessary
  • Durable and Can Withstand Repeated Use
  • Appropriate for Use in the Home
  • Suitable for Use Outside of the Home
  • Serves a Medical Purpose
  • Likely to Last for At Least Three Years

Peak Medical Resources Maintains All Necessary Medicare Requirements

Like medical providers, for DME suppliers to be Medicare-covered, they must be enrolled in Medicare and meet the strict standards to enroll and stay enrolled. Peak Medical Resources maintains requirements as a medicare-approved durable medical equipment supplier.

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Why Get Your Durable Medical Equipment From Peak Medical Resources?

Since 2009, Peak Medical Resources has been leading medical equipment suppliers as the first-choice provider for hundreds of healthcare practitioners across the USA. 

We partner with leading manufacturers to offer the highest-quality durable medical equipment at competitive prices. Our industry partnerships combined with our high standards of service keep your patients distanced from the complicated logistics of DME. 

At Peak Medical Resources, we are proud to serve you and your clients. Here are the perks of choosing us as your medical equipment supplier.

  • High-volume availability - We know our durable medical equipment is no good to you when it’s out of stock. That’s why we hold excess inventory levels and can meet high volume needs.
  • Quick delivery - We pride ourselves on our lightning-fast delivery and aim to get your medical equipment to you on the same day.
  • Logistical expertise - Whether you want a one-off piece of equipment or a bulk shipment, we handle all logistics and deliver to major locations across the US.
  • Flexible deals - We offer rental contracts at varying lengths as well as extended rentals, rent-to-own deals, and outright purchasing options on most of the DME supplies we provide.

For more information about specific durable medical supplies, the type of deals that are available, or any of our other services, please request a quote or contact us today.