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Peak Medical Resources offers General Care Equipment for all types of medical processes, as well as more specialized technology and machinery for hospitals and healthcare providers interested in expanding their capabilities. General supplies account for a majority of the general use equipment in hospitals and medical environments, from things like defibrillators to EKGs.

With our hands-on experience and almost two decades in the medical equipment rental industry, we are a trusted source for those looking to expand their current care capabilities with reliable and modern technology that is in perfect working condition. We are always updating our inventory and adding more equipment! We offer quick shipping, quality controlled equipment, and a knowledgeable customer service

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All medical groups and hospitals need General Care Equipment to keep their hospitals running and to provide the staff with equipment that is clean and keeps their environment sanitized and safe. We offer General Care equipment for basic hospital needs and procedures. These include:

  • Defibrillators
  • SCD’s Sequential Compression Devices
  • CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machines
  • EKG Machines


We know that when it comes to rental medical equipment, the medical community is usually not offered a wide variety of options, and knowing how tight hospital budgets can be, we aim to provide a quick, affordable alternative to investing in expensive new equipment without sacrificing access to the gear you need.

We offer variable rental contracts, fast and reliable service and shipment, and only provide hospital-ready equipment. All of our contracts are flexible to give clients an easy rental experience. Renting equipment often gives clients a good idea of what equipment they need the most or more permanently, so we also offer a rent-to-own option. 

You can find out more about our rental options below. 


Although our main goal is to provide hospitals with rental options, sometimes a piece of equipment we rent out becomes a vital part of a hospital’s day to day operations or the convenience has justified the cost of the machine. 

While we do have our rent-to-own option, there is also the option to directly purchase your equipment from our inventory as well. All of our major hospital-ready equipment is available for purchase, with or without renting beforehand or through our rent-to-own option. You can find out more about our purchasing options here.  

You can click the equipment to learn more about each style that we offer or you can submit a contact form and just start by telling us which type of equipment you’re interested in! If you’d like to place an order or speak with us directly to learn more, simply fill out this form or contact us.

General Care Equipment from Peak Medical Resources

  • Variety

General equipment is widely used throughout hospitals, meaning hospitals can choose where and how to use our equipment to best suit their needs. We want to be able to give them more options because we know that rental options for hospitals are somewhat limited. We strive to change that so that hospitals can have a bit of room to breathe with their budgets and can provide better and more options for care for their patients. 

  • Quality Rental Services

If you have a specific piece of General Care Equipment that you need immediately, you can speak to our representatives at any time of the day to set up a fast and efficient rental order and have your order shipped the same day. We do provide rental contracts at different lengths to give hospitals the option and variety they need based on their budgets, including extended rentals and rent-to-own options. Outright buying the equipment is also offered for any of the medical equipment that we provide.

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

All of our rental equipment is kept in the best shape possible and we see to the health of all of our machines and equipment. We adhere to high cleanliness standards to make sure that all of our equipment is safe for any patient to use and is ready to go on arrival. We provide maintenance, sanitization and repair among other services like taking special precautions during transportation to prepare the equipment before shipment to our customers so they never receive any product that is not up to our standards. 

We serve several major cities across the United States, and we hold each one of our offices and shipping routes to the exact same high standards. We can ensure you that we only deliver high quality experiences and state of the art medical equipment to the communities and medical groups that need it. We know that medical equipment is in high demand, and all of our equipment ships at lightning speed.

We are ready to help you whenever you’re ready. Whether you’re ready to purchase or just have a question about the variety of equipment or styles we offer, just reach out to us here or fill out our inquiry form and someone will be with you in around thirty minutes.