Respiratory Therapy

Peak Medical Resources Is a One-Stop Shop for Respiratory Therapy

Welcome to Peak Medical Resources respiratory therapy equipment. Since 2009, we rent, buy, and sell high-quality medical equipment.

With more than 20 years of combined staff experience, we are a trusted source for a long list of specialized medical equipment manufacturers, such as GE, Philips, Baxter, Mindray, and Aerogen.

Hospitals and medical facilities across the U.S. trust us for all their buying and selling needs — a one-stop shop for your respiratory equipment. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent respiratory therapy equipment, Peak Medical Resources is at your service across the U.S.

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Types of Respiratory Therapy Equipment

Peak Medical Resources houses common and specialized respiratory equipment. We base our respiratory therapy inventory on the demand and needs of our clients. This means we only ever have equipment used and properly maintained. Here are some of the devices we provide:

  • Ventilators

Vital for any medical facility, and even in homes, carefully calibrated ventilators can save countless lives.

  • Bipaps

Bilevel positive pressure devices use pressurized air to maintain normal respiratory rhythm for patients who cannot do so on their own. A breathing tube or a mask is often used with this device. Bipaps help with sleep apnea, cardiac failure, or other respiratory issues.

  • Specialty Ventilators

Special devices help adult, neonatal and pediatric treatment in acute, sub-acute, and long-term treatment environments.

  • High Flow Therapy

This critical equipment is used for acute respiratory failure. Pressurized and humidified oxygen is pumped into the lungs to speed up recovery time post-extubation.

Experts Guidance Through the Respiratory Equipment Rental Process

Peak Medical Resources offers rental options to institutions and individuals. 

Our in-house experts guide you through the process, taking guesswork and confusion out of the renting equipment decision-making. You focus on the patient and their treatment.

All our rental respiratory devices are available under one roof — from concentrators to CPAP machines and nebulizers that deliver medication in a fine mist.

Take your pick from some of the best brands in the industry, and choose what fits your needs the best.

Buy the Best Respiratory Therapy Equipment at Reasonable Prices

If you want to purchase or upgrade your equipment, explore Peak Medical Resources continually refreshed inventory for best-in-class equipment at reasonable prices.

Come to us to buy high-quality medical equipment sourced from reputable businesses and brands that we maintain with the utmost care.

Selling Respiratory Equipment to Peak Medical Resources Is Smooth & Transparent

Selling to Peak Medical Resources is easy; we make the entire process hassle-free. The process is smooth and transparent. Whether upgrading, downsizing, or relocating, we assist you through every step.

Your respiratory therapy devices are given to other reputable institutions and professionals who are already part of our broad customer base.

We only buy equipment that fills a gap in our inventory or meets the demands of our customers.

Why Choose Us For Your Respiratory Therapy Equipment Needs

Peak Medical Resources has been in business since 2009 and has more than 20 years of combined staff experience.

High Standards Across the Board

We deliver the high standards you expect from your respiratory therapy equipment rental partner. As we expand, we ensure that these standards meet your requirements.

Top-Notch Service

You can expect the same friendly, reliable and expert service that you have come to expect from Peak Medical Resources. We enable all our partners with the same worth ethic and dedication to quality, making us a leading equipment provider.

Best Upkeep and Maintenance

Each device we purchase, especially rentals, undergo rigorous maintenance and sanitization processes. This ensures a highly reliable machine that performs efficiently over time.

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