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At Peak Medical Resources, we stock a leading range of air compression devices for you to rent or buy. As one of the most common pieces of equipment in hospitals and other medical settings, our quality compression devices from leading manufacturers are available at short notice and with quick delivery so you can meet changing demands.

We also have a range of deals to suit your budget and requirements, from short-term and extended rentals to rent-to-own deals and purchasing options.

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Air compression therapy devices are most often used in hospitals to support the circulation of patients and help to prevent blood clots from forming. The devices use cuffs that inflate and deflate to squeeze the legs and feet and increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood through the veins.

Our CTC VasoPress DVT compression pump is a lightweight and easy-to-use example. It delivers automatically timed cycles of compressed air to a cuff that is wrapped around the thigh, calf, or foot. All pump models produce visual and audible alarm cues and are quiet and non-distracting to keep the patient comfortable.

Who Might Use A Compression Therapy Device?

Recovery starts with prevention, which is why hospitals often use air compression therapy devices to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in patients who are unable to be active while they recover from an illness or surgery. These are some of the conditions where patients can benefit from the use of an air compression device:

  • After a stroke when patients may be less active
  • To reduce the swelling caused by lymphedema
  • Inherited blood disorders that increase the risk of clotting
  • Injury to a deep vein
  • While undergoing cancer treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Older age

Air Compression Devices From Peak Medical Resources

While the medical industry has always worked with rental suppliers, there are few providers that can match the speed and reliability of our service, the quality of our equipment, and the ongoing contact we provide.

Our rental and purchasing options give you a budget-friendly way to meet the changing demands of your healthcare setting and ensure that your patients receive the best care all year round.

  • High availability

Whether you want five air compression devices or 100, we can get you the equipment you need whenever you need it. We handle all of the logistics on your behalf and offer around-the-clock delivery, so you can receive patient-ready equipment in a few short hours.

  • Quality rental and purchasing services

If you’re looking for a flexible rental deal to cover a surge in demand or decide you want to own the equipment after a period of testing, we’re perfectly placed to help. We can facilitate the sale and shipment of new or previously rented equipment depending on your budget and your requirements. We can also help you determine the best deal for you.

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

We have physical locations in Houston and Dallas, TX, but can deliver to hospitals and healthcare providers in many major cities across the country. We hold each of our offices and shipping routes to the same high standard to ensure a quality experience and quick access to on-demand air compression devices, wherever you are.

Please request a quote for compression therapy devices to rent or buy or get in touch for more information about any of our medical equipment or our various deals.