General Care EKG Machine

EKG machines, also known as ECG or electrocardiograph machines, are standard medical equipment in operating rooms, ambulances, hospitals, and healthcare settings across the US. They record the electrical signals in the heart and are a quick and painless way to detect heart problems and monitor a patient’s health.

At Peak Medical Resources, you can rent EKG machines across the US to meet your hospital’s or clinic’s needs while avoiding the upfront costs involved in buying the equipment. Our used EKG rental service gives you the freedom to select the equipment you want for as long as you need it from our trusted medical industry manufacturers. You can also buy used EKG machines or explore our flexible range of rent-to-buy deals.

Why Do You Need EKG Machine Rental?

There are all sorts of healthcare settings that may require EKG machine rental. Whether you want to temporarily increase your number of EKG machines or upgrade your existing medical equipment, we can help. 

EKGs are used in any setting where the heart needs to be monitored and are usually used in conjunction with other equipment. EKGs are required for patients who are at risk of having cardiac issues, including heart murmurs, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), myocardial infarctions (heart attack), and seizures.

Although the American Heart Association doesn’t recommend using EKG machines to assess low-risk adults without symptoms, you can use an EKG as a screening test for patients with a family history of heart disease.

EKG machines can help you identify:

  • Irregular heart rhythms
  • Whether a patient has had a previous heart attack
  • If blocked or narrowed arteries in the heart are the cause of chest pain or a heart attack
  • How well heart disease treatments such as pacemakers are working

The Benefits of EKG Machine Rental

There are lots of reasons why you might choose to rent an EKG machine rather than buy the equipment you need. Firstly, there’s the cost. You’re likely to pay $2,000-$4,000 to buy a basic EKG machine, while wireless EKG stress testing machines that can send readings via phone or email cost between $6,000 and $12,000. That’s a significant expense for any healthcare provider, particularly if you require multiple machines.

Used EKG rental allows you to get your hands on the equipment you need for less to help you better control your cash flow. It can also be an effective way to trial an EKG machine before you buy, or a way to increase your capacity temporarily so you can quickly adapt to the needs of your patients.

Why Choose Peak Medical Resources?

We stock high-quality EKG machines (find out more about our manufacturers), have high-volume availability, and pride ourselves on our efficient logistics and fast delivery. We have physical locations in Austin and Houston, TX, but we can ship to anywhere in the US. You can speak to our representatives at any time to discuss your EKG machine rental requirements, and we can ship the equipment to you on the same day.

Whether you want a specific brand of equipment or are looking for a bulk shipment, we can create a flexible deal to suit you. We offer rental contracts of varying lengths, extended rentals, and rent-to-own deals. You can also buy used EKG machines from us outright, with great deals available on most of our equipment.

For more information about used EKG rental or buying a used EKG machine outright, please request a quote or get in touch with our team.