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At Peak Medical Resources, we stock a wide range of advanced patient medical oximetry equipment to cover all of your professional needs. We guarantee fast service and delivery and offer rent, rent-to-buy, and full purchase options.  

Our patient monitoring and oximetry equipment includes pulse oximeters, standalone bedside monitors, and much more. Whether you want to check the function of a ventilator, monitor the oxygen levels of patients under general anesthesia, or care for patients with diseases such as heart failure, lung cancer, and pneumonia, we supply the oximetry equipment you need to deliver the highest standard of care. 

Rent Patient Monitoring Oximetry Equipment

Our patient monitoring oximetry equipment is available to buy or to rent on short-term and long-term contracts. Renting patient monitoring and oximetry equipment can be a cost-effective way for many hospitals to get their hands on the latest equipment quickly, without having to worry about long shipping times, unsanitary conditions, or outdated technology. That can be beneficial in several scenarios, including:

  • Rapidly expanding your capabilities - As the Coronavirus pandemic has shown, hospitals sometimes have to expand their capabilities quickly to keep up with demand. Renting patient monitoring oximetry equipment can help to facilitate an emergency response to a situation and allow you to deliver healthcare remotely. It can also be a benefit in temporary situations such as medical studies and trials.

  • Trial use and test cases - Renting patient monitoring oximetry equipment can be a great way to road test the technology to make sure it meets your specific needs before making a significant financial investment. We also offer rent-to-own contracts if you find that you can’t do without the equipment you’ve been renting.

  • Staying within budgetary constraints - Every healthcare provider has budgets to consider. Renting equipment from Peak Medical Resources allows you to expand your capabilities as and when you need to without the significant upfront costs of buying equipment that will depreciate over time.

Buy Patient Monitoring Oximetry Equipment

Although we typically work with hospitals and healthcare providers that want to rent the latest oximetry equipment, sometimes those facilities decide it makes sense to buy this technology. That decision is often made after trialing the equipment during a short-term rental. If that’s the position you find yourself in, then we’re perfectly placed to help.

If our rental equipment becomes a vital part of your operations, or you find that a short-term increase in demand becomes a sustained surge, you can buy the oximetry monitors we stock for a very competitive price. You can rest assured that our patient monitoring oximetry equipment is:

  • Hospital ready - We stock only the latest equipment and regularly clean and maintain all of our machines to make sure they’re ready for immediate use on arrival. We also guarantee fast delivery, so you don’t have to worry about the inventory shortages and long shipping times associated with buying this equipment from new.

  • Affordable and flexible - Renting oximetry equipment before you buy is a great way to check that it provides all the functionality you need. With competitive pricing and flexible rent-to-buy agreements, you’ll find the right deal for you.

Quality Oximetry Equipment On Your Terms

Whether you want to buy or rent patient monitoring oximetry equipment, we can structure a deal that works for you. We serve hospitals and healthcare providers in Houston, Dallas, Arizona, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Every one of our offices and shipping routes is held to the same exemplary standards to ensure a fast, reliable, and personal service.