Respiratory Therapy High Flow Therapy

Hospitals and healthcare professionals use our high flow oxygen therapy products, often with compressed air and humidification, to deliver oxygen to patients of all ages with acute respiratory failure or chronic conditions. High flow therapy support improves respiratory rate, dyspnea, patient comfort and helps quicken recovery time after extubation.

Peak Medical Resources aims to facilitate the demanding equipment needs of the medical community and offers the option to rent or buy an extensive range of medical equipment and technology for high-flow therapy, including Vapotherm. The high quality of our services ensures that each piece of equipment meets diagnostic standards and adheres to the strictest hygiene protocols to ensure its patient-ready upon arrival. We deliver on-demand so that the medical community has the equipment they need to attend to their patients effectively.

Browse our High Flow Therapy Equipment:

  • Fisher & Paykel AIRVO 2

Designed specifically to be an integrated solution for delivering Nasal High Flow with Optiflow™, Fisher & Paykal AIRVO 2’s leading humidification technology enables the comfortable provision of high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients through available Optiflow nasal cannula and tracheostomy interfaces.

  • Vapotherm Precision Flow®

With flow rates of up to 40LPM for adults or 8LPM for infants, the Vapotherm Precision Flow provides blended oxygen heated and humidified for maximum patient comfort. This self-contained unit is the perfect solution for adults, children, and infants. It offers single patient use Vapotherm circuit and nasal cannula and helps clinicians reach their goals by delivering maximum respirator assistance safely and comfortably.

  • MaxiVenturi®

Specifically designed to work with high-flow humidification systems, the  MaxiVenturi® allows users to mix ambient air and oxygen without the need for piped medical-grade air.  MaxVenturi® is the perfect solution for adult high-flow oxygen therapy in almost any environment.

  • Fisher & Paykel MR850

This MR850 heated humidifier is part of a complete system designed to deliver optimal humidified gas to adults and infants. It can be used for the full range of Fisher & Paykel MR850 therapies across the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum™. This includes the F&P 850 System for Optiflow™ High Flow Therapy, Invasive Ventilation, and Noninvasive Ventilation. 

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

For the past 20 years, we have successfully supported healthcare professionals and hospitals in significant locations across the United States. We offer fast delivery and seamlessly handle end-to-end logistics to simplify the rental process, so our healthcare professionals can assist their patients with the correct high flow therapy as soon as needed.

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