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Miscellaneous Respiratory Equipment

At Peak Medical Resources, we have a large assortment of world-class respiratory equipment to support hospitals and healthcare professionals with emergency and critical care patients of all ages. We conveniently provide medical professionals across the US with life-saving respiratory equipment to buy or rent.

Whether it’s cough assist devices or pneumatic percussors, our state-of-the-art miscellaneous respiratory equipment can make a world of difference to patient recovery and is available on-demand.

All healthcare equipment at Peak Medical Resources undergoes strict diagnostic checks and cleaning before sterilization and shipment preparation to ensure patient-ready orders upon arrival.

Browse our Miscellaneous Respiratory Equipment:

  • Philips Respiratory Cough Assist T70

Cough Assist T70 clears secretions from the lungs. It gradually applies positive air pressure to the airway and then rapidly shifts to negative air pressure. When patients breathe out, it creates a suckling force that pulls the air out of the lungs, resulting in high expiratory flow to stimulate a deeper, stronger cough.

  • Aerogen Prox

The Aerogen Prox controller is specifically designed to deliver high-performance drug delivery to patients throughout hospitals. It can be used with the Aerogen Solo and Aerogen Ultra and offers both 30 minute and continuous modes. This product has a 45-minute battery life for patient transfer within the hospital and easily attaches to hospital stands.

  • Fluid Flo Pneumatic Percussor

The Fluid Flo Pneumatic Percussor mimics hand percussion and is commonly used for CPT. It is comfortable and less fatiguing for patients and therapists. Weighing only 1.5 lbs makes this device easy for anyone to use. Factory tested for over 1000; this precursor is one of the most reliable on the market.

  • Philips Respiratory CA300 Cough Assist

The cough therapy provided by this device offers a safe, non-invasive alternative to suctioning. It carefully removes secretions from the airway passages by providing positive pressure to the airway and then abruptly switching to negative pressure to loosen mucus and stimulate coughing. The Philips Respiratory CA300 Cough Assist can be used with an oxygen mask, mouthpiece, or an adapter to an endotracheal tube.

  • Hudson RCI ConchaTherm IV Heat Humidifier

ConchaTherm products provide optimal heated molecular humidity for infants, children, and adults. Its advanced microprocessor technology is compatible with conventional or heat-wire ventilator circuits. It displays temperature to the tenth of a degree, and its advanced alarm package includes tracking alarms for high/low proximal airway temperature, probe alarms, and wire disconnects.

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

We have over 20 years of experience delivering on-demand rental equipment to healthcare professionals and hospitals at major sites across the US. Peak Medical Resources strives to simplify the rental process by taking care of the logistics and delivering equipment timeously so that healthcare professionals can focus on the recovery of their patients.

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