Respiratory Therapy
Specialty Ventilators

Peak Medical Resources provides specialty respiratory ventilators for adult, neonatal and pediatric patients in acute, sub-acute, and long-term care environments. We supply healthcare professionals and hospitals across the US with a wide variety of on-demand life-saving equipment options to buy or rent.

From the Percussionaire  IPV®-1C  to the Viasys Infant Flow® SiPAP™, our specialty ventilators stabilize breathing and provide greater comfort for patients. Their robust designs and trusted track records ensure patients receive the best treatment from state-of-the-art technology.

All equipment at Peak Medical Resources, including ventilators, undergo diagnostic checks and cleanings before sterilization and shipment preparation. We adhere to the highest hygiene standards and safety measures to ensure bought and rented equipment arrives patient-ready.

Browse our Specialty Ventilators:

  • Carefusion 3100A HFOV

The FDA-approved 3100A High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator (HFOV) helps prevent neonatal respiratory failure. Together with lung-protective tools, it applies continuous distending pressure and superimposes minimal pressure and volume swings to inflate the lungs and prevent respiratory failure.

  • Carefusion 3100B HFOV

Suitable for adults and children weighing more than 35 kg, this ventilator enables high-performance and frequency oscillatory ventilation to help normalize lung architecture while ventilating near-dead space tidal volumes. The Carefusion 3100B HFOV does not require conventional breaths, preventing stretch injury in adults.

  • Percussionaire IPV®-1C

Built to provide lung conditioning therapy to assist the restoration of functional residual capacity, the Percussionaire IPV®-1C provides ventilation and airway clearance for most patients of all ages. It is considered the “therapeutic work-horse” of institutional cardiopulmonary ventilation and circulatory lung recruitment.

  • Viasys Infant Flow® SiPAP™

The Viasys Infant Flow® SiPAP™, combined with the patented variable flow generator, provides noninvasive positive pressure ventilation by offering nasal CPAP and bi-level modalities. It frees precious calories for infant growth and development by taking the work out of breathing. This device is clinically proven to reduce extubation failures, improve oxygenation in BiPhasic mode, and treat apnea.

  • Bird Mark 7

Used to provide short-term or intermittent mechanical ventilation for augmenting lung expansion, delivering aerosol medication, or assisting with ventilation, the Bird Mark 7 respirators are pneumatically powered and pressure cycled, making them ideal for IPPB therapy.

  • ParaPAC®Medic Vent

This vent’s dual controls enable greater control of breathing parameters as its frequency matches patients’ ventilatory requirements. It is incredibly versatile and can be used in aircraft, the outdoors, ambulances, MRI scanners, and patients’ bedsides in hospitals or home care environments. It delivers mechanical ventilation and is suitable for adults, children, and infants.

Peak Medical Resources Rental Services

Our support and service teams have supplied hospitals and healthcare professionals in several major locations across the United States for over 20 years. Park Medical Resources simplifies the rental process, offering fast delivery and handling end-to-end logistics, so healthcare providers can assist their patients as soon as they need it.

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